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We are Izzy and Rosa and this is our story…

Izzy and Rosa Primal Bakers founders.

The company’s founders – Izzy and Rosa – not only follow a Paleo diet themselves but they have just the right mix of experience to create tasty yet nutritious food that you will love. After a two years partnership were they had a great and exciting time setting up the company, Rosa decided to leave Primal Bakers in seek of new adventures.

Izzy decided to carry on with the business feeling pasionately that Primal Bakers deserved a chance. Having worked as nutrition advisor and personal trainer she understands the importance of healthy, nutritious and delicious products. This is at the heart of everything Primal Bakers do – whether it’s baked goods for those following the Paleo diet or tasty snacks that reduce the sugar intake of children. They make products that appeal to them whilst still having nutritional value.

At Primal Bakers we understand that even if one tries to eat nutritious and wholesome food all the time, when it comes to sweet treats and savouries it is not always possible. We aim to bring to your table baked goods that contain no unwanted chemicals, no unknown additives - just wholesome, natural ingredients.

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