Zucchini Bread

Zucchini is the perfect addition to Paleo bread, making it softer, more moist, and increasing the nutritious value.

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Irregular Chia Crackers

These Chia crackers are wonderfully crisp and delicate, and full of wholesome natural flavours.

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Lemon Biscuits

These soft and tasty little biscuits will surprise you from your first bite. They have just the right tang of lemon coming from the lemon zest – delicious!

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Apple & Cinnamon Cake

Believe it or not, this sweet, moist and fruity cake is completely gluten, grain, sugar and dairy free.

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Primal Bread

Unlike conventional bread this one is full of nutritious ingredients such as eggs (loads of them), ground almonds and flax seeds to top up your Omega 3s. Ideal for those who love toast in the morning and a real treat with scramble eggs on top!

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Birthday cake

Do you have something to celebrate? Always better with a cake!

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baking with
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It’s free from sugar, free from wheat, free from dairy…and it’s delicious!

Coconut Dreams from Primal Bakers

The Paleo Diet – also known as the Caveman Diet - is based on the food our ancient ancestors would have eaten, such as meat, nuts and berries, and excludes food types that had not yet been discovered, such as sugar, wheat and dairy.

Primal Bakers has created four distinct ranges of delicious baked goods that are faithful to the principles of the Paleo Diet – cookies, cakes, crackers and bread. All are delicious, nutritious, and – above all – healthy!

Fit for a king… and a caveman!

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